Frequently Asked Questions

If you think you may have damage resulting from a storm call Zion Roofing at 214-482-2191 for a free, no obligation inspection. There is no need to call your insurance company unless damage has been verified. If you do have damage, Zion Roofing can help make dealing with your insurance company hassle free.

NO. Weather related damage is considered an “Act of God” or “Act of Nature” you wont be negatively affected by opening a claim. Your insurance company is responsible for returning your property to the pre-storm condition.

Several factors go into determining the cost of your new roof. They include the quality and professionalism of your contractor; the brand, type and grade of roofing shingle you select; the size of your roof and the shape and slope of your roofline.

Don’t choose a roofing contractor on cost alone. Price is a factor, but not the only factor you should consider. Quality roofing material and contractor workmanship have value. Hiring the cheapest roofing contractor could cost more in the long run when you consider the cost to repair sub-par roofing and the damage it causes. Over 80% of all BBB complaints filed are a result of the lowest bid being selected.

Get a free estimate from Zion Roofing. Our estimates are convenient, fair, no obligation and you don’t have to be home.

Older roofing shingles and wood shakes typically have a 15- to 30-year lifespan depending on the shingles’ quality, the location and tree cover of your home, and how well the roof was installed originally. Direct sunlight, weather/wind, and poor roof deck ventilation are rough on Texas roofs.

Though the shingles we use today have lifetime warranties, they didn’t a decade ago. We tell our customers that 12 years is a good rule of thumb to go by. At that point, check for these warning signs:

  • Curling shingles
  • Loss of the asphalt granulation (looks like bald spots)
  • Evidence of leaking on your ceilings
  • Cracked or discolored interior drywall (painted or wallpapered)
  • Decaying shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Visible cracks
  • Wind damage
  • Broken or damaged shingles
  • Rusted or missing flashing
  • If a residential roof is over 15 years old, we recommend you call us out for a look.
  • Sometimes damage isn’t visible to the untrained eye on the ground, and catching it early can avoid expensive interior repairs in the future.

Of course there are variables that affect all roofing projects, like weather, whether or not there is a second layer to remove, and more. But typically, Zion Roofing can completely finished your new roof—from removing the old roof to clean up—in one to two days.

Inadequate ventilation can cause condensation in the winter and excessively high shingle temperatures in the summer. Also, most shingle manufacturers warranties are voided if proper ventilation is not installed. When hot air is trapped in your attic space it not only increases your utility bills but also “bakes” your shingles from the inside while the Texas sun heats up the surface. Call Zion Roofing for a free ventilation assessment today.

Gutters should be checked at least once in the summer and twice in the fall. Clogged gutters are ineffective and can cause rotting on the exterior of your home.

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