Patio Covers

Patio covers enhance not only the value of your home but the quality of your outdoor living as well. Texas is notorious for its summers, and the heat shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your backyard. This aesthetic addition to your home will shield you from the elements and expand the space available for backyard entertaining. Host backyard barbeques, summer pool parties, fireside chats, and more.

Zion Roofing specializes in wooden patio covers. Wood has long since been the premier choice for construction materials. Wood provides a natural, elegant, and sturdy structure. Our patios can be built onto existing concrete or new concrete can be poured onto the desired area. There are mainly two types of finishes in regard to concrete finishes. Broom finish is the most economic choice, and provides a simple functional finish. Stamped finishes are a versatile category, consisting of many patterns and colors.


Material: Wood is a versatile material, coming in every stain, grain, and pattern imaginable. The sky is your limit.

Attached or Detached:

      • Attached: An attached patio cover will be attached to the side of the main house. It is an extension of your house. If you have a porch you have already furnished and adorned to your liking but the space lacks adequate shade, this may be a great option for you. This is also an efficient use of real estate if your backyard has limited square footage to spare.
      • Detached: A detached patio cover, often installed in the vicinity of a pool, could provide an entertainment center or oasis away from your home. Perfect for outdoor kitchens, fire pits, or relaxing outdoor communal areas, this option is perfect for those who have a spacious backyard they’d like to upgrade.

Style: We’re able to execute any style, ranging from full covers to latticed finish.

            • Gable Style
            • Shed Style
            • Hip and Ridge Style
            • Work with Zion Roofing‘s project manager to design your own unique style