Animal Entry Point Covering Services

All services performed by Zion Roofing incorporate the prevention of animal entry points. While we are not pest control specialists, we are specialists in offering services in covering existing animal entry points.

Finding a wild animal inside your home is a nightmare, and homeowners are often left wondering how it got in. A door or window left open isn’t always the cause and the existence of animal entry points is more likely than not the culprit. They find their way to these points through various means like scaling exterior walls with overgrown vegetation, climbing large trees adjacent to the house, etc. There are various components of your home that could be susceptible to becoming animal entry points, such as the following:

Chimneys – A chimney cover is essential in upkeeping a home. The failure to install an adequate cover can lead to unwanted guests entering your home. Wire or metal mesh covers are recommended, to prevent animals from chewing or clawing through the barrier.

Siding – Depending on the age or quality of your home’s siding, it may have cracks and wear down that are invisible to the naked eye. These openings and weak points construct perfect entry points for small rodents and critters. They may chew through the fascia, or crawl underneath the soffit as well.

Roof Vent Covers – Vent covers can sometimes be easily penetrable, depending on the material. Plastic covers can be chewed through, and an easily accessible mesh cover can be bent.

There are other areas in which entry points can form, like gaps between pipes and brick exteriors, etc. Zion Roofing is equipped to help you identify and fortify these points to bring you peace of mind.